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Holdings Source: add to Accordion Administrative data in details, edit



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      Similarly to instances, holdings need to have sources defined for them in order to differentiate where the holdings record came from and how it can be maintained.

      Further information
      Further information about the context of these changes can be found in the following front end issues:


      • Maintenance of the set of holdings sources
      • Assign a source to a holding
      • Searching instances where a holdings exists with a specified source


      1. Story
        • Log into FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
        • Go to any holdings record in, drill down to the Administrative accordion
        • When viewing the data elements in Detailed view
        • Then a new data element labelled Source is displaced to the right of the Holdings HRID, as shown in the UX mock up of the detailed view of the holdings record:
      2. Story
        • When creating a new holdings record in Inventory, and the holdings record is not relying on an underlying MFHD record in SRS
        • Then the value of the source data element is auto-populated by creating of the record with the value FOLIO, as shown in the UX mock up of the edit view of the holdings record:
      3. Story
        • When the source is FOLIO
        • Then all data elements in the holdings record are editable in Inventory
      4. Story
        • When the holdings record is being maintained with an underlying MARC record in the MFHD format
        • Then the value of the source element is MARC

      Out of scope:

      1. Blocking changes to holdings when the holdings source is MARC (see UXPROD-1448)

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