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      Bug Context

      A number of issues have been raised in UI inventory relating to inconsistent record counts reported when searching.

      This issues in intended to cover issues found in:

      UIIN-1046 - Sorting seems to impact the record counts returned by the API
      UIIN-1049 - Effective location filter gives inconsistent record counts
      UIIN-1050 - 1000 records reported for instances suppressed from discovery, when there should be over 7000
      UIIN-1055 - Keyword search gives inconsistent record counts
      UIIN-1046 is included because it appears from testing Zak_Burke did that adding a sort clause increases the liklihood of an inaccurate record count being returned.

      Maybe this is a known limitation of the record count estimation, that cannot be easily resolved. If so, I think we need to document it in a way that can be explained to end users.

      Issues to be addressed

      • consistency in reporting hitcounts — the hitcount is an estimate but is reported consistently when using different sort and filter criteria
      • adding a dedicated function (e.g a `…`sign next to the hit count) to allow the user to retrieve a precise hit count — it is expected that this will take minutes for very large result sets (millions of record)
      • make the estimate appear less “falsely precise” — eg 18000 instead of 18245 but not commit to provide a true lower-bound for the count

      Implementation context

      Hitcount estimation is done through a nessacity – it's not possible to provide precise hitcounts in the fulltext search scenarios for result sets of millions of records.

      As explained by Adam on MODINVSTOR-321:

      There are three cases:

      1. sort by title: Using a special "optimized SQL path". If the limit is X and there are more than X records, it returns 999999999. That's of course a very weird way to return hit counts. This path AFAIK is only used by /instance-storage/instances

      2. Not sort by title and using a criteria / filter .. The hit count is an estimate if there are more than 1000 records. RMB-506

      3. Not sort by title and not using critiera/ / filter. Hit count should be accurate.

      We discussed adding functionality in RMB to allow the client to request a precise hitcount: RMB-578 and RMB-579

      This functionality ONLY makes sense in a specific circumstances (e.g user requesting precise hitcount AFTER issuing a search) not as a general replacement.

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