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Align invoice and order sample data



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      In MODINVOSTO-15 we added the ability to link an invoice and purchase order. This story builds on that and aligns the sample data between invoices and orders.

      NOTE that at this point we don't have invoice/invoiceLine sample data, so this story includes the creation of that.

      Things like prices (may deviate a little (10-15%ish), quantities, ids, payment status, workflow status, etc. should all align. Things like dates are less important but ideally should make sense as well (e.g. invoice shouldn't be created before the order)


      • The tenant API for loading sample data is added (code, moduleDescriptor, etc.)
      • This is just an initial iteration on this sample data... it will likely need to be improved later on in separate stories.
      • invoices for each of the closed orders and 3 or 4 of the open orders (8 or 9 total)
      • one order w/ multiple invoices
      • a could invoice lines for each invoice.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Tenant API for loading the sample data is implemented
      • sample data in orders and invoices aligns and makes sense
      • sample data records are added as needed (instance-relationships, etc.)

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