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When EDIFACT record is imported matching by vendor reference number is not working (JUNIPER HF)



    • Standard Bug Write-Up Format
    • Thunderjet
    • R2 2021 Hot Fix #4
    • Implementation coding issue


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Duplicate the "Default - Harrassowitz serials invoice" mapping profile
        • Update the new field mapping profile as follows
        • Name: MODINVOICE-341 Check VRN Match
        • Vendor name: use the vendor lookup to find and select HARRASSOWITZ vendor
        • Payment method: "EFT"
        • Currency: Delete existing info and select "USD" from the dropdown menu
        • Description: Change the existing mapping from {POL_title}; else IMD+F+050+[4-5] to {POL_title}; else IMD+L+050+[4-5]
        • Save the profile
      2. Go to Action profiles and create a new profile
        • Action: Create
        • FOLIO record type: Invoice
        • link created mapping profile to it
      3. Go to Job profiles, create a new job profile and link the created action profile to it
      4. Create new order
        • Vendor:¬†Harrassowitz¬†
        • Order type: Ongoing
      5. Add PO Line
        • Title: American journal of archaeology
        • Acquisition method: Purchase at vendor system
        • Order format: Electronic resource
        • Electronic unit price: 100
        • Quantity electronic: 1
        • Add vendor reference number
          • Vendor reference number: 00007943
          • Vendor reference type: Vendor order reference number
        • Add location "Online (E)"
          • Quantity electronic: 1
      6. Open the newly created order
      7. Go to Data import and upload file, select created job profile (from step 3) for processing

      Expected Results: The first line of the invoice should match to the PO line that you created. It should match by vendor reference number.

      Actual Results: It did not match

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