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When EDIFACT invoice is imported, matching to PO line is not working properly



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      Overview: When an invoice line is created from an imported EDIFACT invoice, it should try to match to any open PO lines that have 1) the same POL as the invoice line or 2) the same vendor reference number as the invoice line. It is described in the linked issue MODINVOICE-231, scenario 2. This is a regression

      Current workaround: In Iris, the user would need to delete the invoice line and manually re-add it, linked to the POL. In Juniper, the user would need to edit the invoice line, search for the POL, and link it.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data Import/Field mapping profile
      3. Find the Default EBSCO Serials Invoice field mapping profile
      4. Go to Actions/Duplicate
      5. Update the new field mapping profile as follows (leave the existing mapping info unless change or addition described below)
        • Name: Import EBSCO Serials Invoice
        • Description: Delete all the existing text
        • Batch group: "FOLIO"
        • Vendor name: use the vendor lookup to find and select EBSCO
        • Payment method: "EFT"
        • Currency: Delete existing info and select "USD" from the dropdown menu
        • Vendor reference number: leave the existing one for RFF+SNA, and add another one
          • Vendor reference number: RFF+LI[2]
          • Vendor reference type: "Vendor subscription reference number"
        • Save the updated profile
      6. Go to Action profiles and create a new profile
        • Name: Create EBSCO subscription invoice
        • Action: Create
        • FOLIO record type: Invoice
        • Link the field mapping profile to it and save
      7. Go to Job profiles and create a new profile
        • Name: Create EBSCO Subscription Invoice
        • Accepted data type: EDIFACT
        • Click + and select Action
        • Find the action profile you just created and attach to the job profile
      8. Go to the Orders app
      9. Click on the Orders tab in the Search/Filter pane
      10. Go to Actions/New
      11. Fill in the order details
        • Vendor: use the lookup to find and select EBSCO
        • Order type: Ongoing
        • Click the subscription checkbox
        • Renewal interval: 90
        • Renewal date: pick any future date from the calendar icon
        • Save and close
      12. Scroll down the purchase order in the 3rd pane, and click Add PO Line
        • Title: Academy of Management Annals
        • Click Add product ID and product ID type
          • Product ID: 1941-6067
          • Product ID type: ISSN
        • Acquisition method: Purchase at vendor system
        • Order format: Electronic resource
        • Click Add vendor reference number
          • Vendor reference number: S255699
          • Vendor reference type: Vendor order reference number
        • Click Add vendor reference number again
          • Vendor reference number: C6546362
          • Vendor reference type: Vendor subscription reference number
        • Electronic unit price: 100
        • Quantity electronic: 1
        • Click Add fund distribution
          • Fund ID: select African history from the dropdown list
          • Leave the rest of the fund distribution line as-is
        • Click Add location
          • Select Online (E) from the dropdown list
          • Quantity electronic: 1
        • Press Save and close
      13. Click the left arrow at the top of the POL to go back to the PO
      14. Click Actions/Open, to open the PO
      15. Now you have an EDIFACT invoice job profile, and a PO line that should match to the first invoice line in the imported EDIFACT file
      16. Go to Data import and upload the attached file
      17. In the Select job profile screen, select the EBSCO invoice job profile and run it
      18. Once the import completes (and displays at the top of the landing page list), go to the Invoices app
      19. The newly-imported invoice may already be displaying. If not, search for invoice 0704159
      20. Look at the invoice lines for the imported invoice. See if the first line has a POL or not.

      Expected Results: The first line of the invoice should match to the POL that you created. It will not match on the POL number, but it should match on both of the vendor reference numbers.

      Actual Results: It did not match

      Additional Information: See attached video and EDIFACT file

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