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SPIKE: Explore consolidating instance relationships, related instances and preceding / succeeding titles



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      Current Situation

      During the development of the related instances work, a suggestion was made to consolidate each of the following together because they are structurally similar:

      • instance relationships
      • preceding / succeeding titles
      • related instances

      Instance relationships: why and terminology


      General Proposal

      • Consolidate all of relationship types into a single reference record set
      • Introduce a relationship type group reference record set
      • Figure out how to identify direction of relationship in a general way e.g. A -> B means something different to B -> A and thus needs different headers etc

      Other Considerations

      • Migrating existing relationships during a single module upgrade

      More Detailed Proposal

      Existing instance relationships: how they work and can they be combined?


      • Do cataloguers / metadata managers consider these to be the same idea (and only grouped in different ways)?
      • Can all of these be linked or unlinked (an instance at only one end)?
      • Are all of these blocked when the source of the instance is MARC?
      • Are there variations between how these work / are presented e.g. not all have a media type?
      • Should the business logic API expose these as a single (or two for direction) collection or provide a collection per group?
      • How does the back end / UI identify specific groups in order to treat them differently?

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