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Data Import profile that worked on Kiwi is not working on Lotus, OL-related (LOTUS HF1)



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    • Folijet Support
    • Lotus (R1 2022) Hot Fix #1
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    • Lotus HFs approved by Harry, Jakub, Mike Gorrell 2 May 2022 on Slack Release Bug Triage channel.
    • Cornell, University of Chicago
    • Data related (ex. Can be detected with large dataset only)


      Overview: Job profile structure that works in Kiwi is not working in Lotus

      Current workaround: review and restructure job profiles (not viable for production libraries)

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Lotus Bugfest
      2. Go to Data Import
      3. Upload the attached MARC record
      4. Select job profile non nested and import the file
      5. Review the import log afterwards
      6. Click on the title name to view the HTML details
      7. Click on the Item tab to view the Item error message

      Expected Results: Holdings and item should be updated. Holdings source should remain FOLIO, since it is being updated by a MARC Bib, not a MARC Holdings

      Actual Results:

      • Holdings is updated, and source is changed to MARC (which is a separate issue; see MODINV-688)
      • Item is not updated. Item error message:

        io.vertx.core.impl.NoStackTraceThrowable: Current retry number 1 exceeded or equal given number 1 for the Item update for jobExecutionId 'b9d23312-c734-4a0c-846c-780f0b5a2c58'

      Additional Information: See jobs 8495, 8498, and 8567 in Lotus Bugfest for additional examples. Plus 2 videos

      Interested parties: jenncolt christie

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