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Instance null pointer exception due to missing _version causes import problems in Kiwi and Lotus (LOTUS HF1)



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    • Lotus (R1 2022) Hot Fix #1
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    • Kiwi and Lotus HFs approved by Harry, Jakub, Mike Gorrell 2 May 2022 on Slack Release Bug Triage channel.
    • Lehigh, MO State, University of Chicago
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      Original issue title: Missouri State can't upgrade to Kiwi

      I'm preparing one of the clients for the upgrade to Kiwi and at this moment they testing a dry-run environment. In that environment, they tried to import some marc files but some jobs were completed with the status: completed with errors. They used the same marc files on their test environments but did not experience any issues there. The mod-inventory version on the both test and dry-run environments is 18.0.7
      In the attached log you can see the error: java.lang.NumberFormatException: null
      Could someone take a look, because it is quite urgent as we planned the production upgrade for this Thursday?
      Here are also the steps how to reproduce the problem:
      • Customer stated getting 'Complete with errors' notifications on some data import job.
      • To replicate the problem, use the attached file.
      • Go to MSU's dryrun tenant
      • Data import and drag the file onto the drop area.
      • Choose "Leisure" as the job profile.
      • When the import is complete, rather than getting the expected "Completed" you will see a status of "Completed with Errors'"
      • If you go into the log, you will see that the SRS record completed OK. But the instance record was discarded.
      • Clicking on the Instance tab shows this error: java.lang.NumberFormatException: null.
      • They have tried this with multiple profiles.
      • Importing with the same file and same parameters works in msu-test, so the problem seems specific to the dryrun environment.

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