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Match logic for POL matches to Inventory records



    • Spitfire Sprint 136, Spitfire Sprint 137
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      Purpose: To describe the matching logic invoked when a user selects Purchase order line (POL) as the matchpoint from an incoming MARC Bibliographic record to an existing Inventory Instance, Holdings, or Item

      Full description of the feature: https://wiki.folio.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=73535666

      When user selects Purchase Order line number (POL) as the matchpoint for Instance, Holdings, and/or Item

      • Retrieve the POL from the designated MARC field - 024$a, 924$a, 935$a, 980$a - MARC field and subfield will be indicated in the match profile
      • Check for a matching POL in the Orders app - query mod-orders to find POL - send GET request to /orders/order-lines?query=poLineNumber={POL} to retrieve the InstanceId 
        • NOTE: Only check POLs with status of Open, not Pending or Closed (add cql filtering by Status)
      • If the POL is found, then check for a related Instance, Holdings, or Item (as designated in the match profile)
        • If a single match is found for Instance, Holdings, or Item, then consider it a match and proceed with the match action(s) described in the Data import Job profile
        • If no match is found for Instance, Holdings, or Item, then consider it a non-match and proceed with the no-match action(s) described in the Data import Job profile
        • If multiple matches are found for Instance, Holdings, or item, then consider it a non-match and discard, with multiple matches error message (being planned as part of UXPROD-3502)

      Additional notes

      • Updates to multiple holdings or items from the same incoming MARC Bib not yet accounted for; see UXPROD-2741
      • Follow same implicit logic when updating Instances (e.g. if updating an Instance with source = FOLIO, then also create an SRS MARC Bib and change the Instance's source to MARC)
      • Right now, if the matchpoint in the incoming record is in a repeatable field, FOLIO will only use the data in the first occurrence of that field. Is that OK for now, or do we need to address it? A-M to confirm with SMEs
      • abreaux to add story for wildcard matching

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