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Holdings record created via MARC Bib Data Import shows incorrect source - KIWI



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      Overview: When a holdings is created from a MARC Bib Data Import, it shows source = MARC instead of source = FOLIO. MARC Holdings should only show source = MARC when there is a linked MARC Holdings record in SRS

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot-load
      2. Go to Settings/Data Import and create the following profiles:
        • Field mapping profile:
          • Create holdings
          • Select any location code as permanent location
        • Action profile
          • Create holdings
          • Link the above field mapping profile to it
        • Job profile
          • Create instance and holdings
          • No match profile
          • Link the Default - Create Instance action profile
          • Then link the Create Holdings profile that you just created
      3. Import a small MARC Bib file (one is attached)
      4. Once the import completes, find one of the newly created instances in Inventory
      5. Open the holdings that was created on that instance
      6. Click the Source field

      Expected Results: Since the holdings was created by a MARC Bib, not a MARC Holdings, the source = FOLIO

      Actual Results: The source = MARC

      Additional Information: See attached video and screenshot

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