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Cannot overlay a instance record where source = FOLIO (Juniper & Kiwi)



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    • Folijet Support
    • R2 2021 Hot Fix #3
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    • Approved by CPT on Slack release_bug_triage channel 21 Sept 2021
    • Cornell, University of Chicago
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      1. Go to https://bugfest-juniper.folio.ebsco.com/ or https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/
      2. Go to Inventory and select Actions/Create
        • Create a new instance record with title = Overlay test and pick a Resource type from the dropdown list
        • Then Save the instance
      3. Go to the newly-created instance record's Actions dropdown menu
      4. Select Overlay
      5. Choose in the target profile dropdown OCLC Worldcat (see below screenshot)
      6. Enter the OCLC Worldcat identifier 1125026136

      Expected outcome:

      Actual outcome: Nothing.

      • No updates are made to the Instance.
      • In the Data Import log (View all log page), the job using Inventory Single Record - Default Update Instance job profile shows Completed with errors, but does not show any error details
      • NOTE when Instance source = MARC, and the user Overlays with an updated record, all works fine. It seems like the second portion of the Inventory Single Record - Default Update Instance job profile is the part that is not working properly

      Screenshot of overlay modal

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