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Data Import updates SRS Record (but not Inventory record)



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    • R2 2021 Hot Fix #2
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    • Approved by Cap Planning in the release_bug_triage channel 9 Sept 2021
    • Universidad de ConcepciĆ³n
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      Overview: The following issue is observed in an Iris Hotfix-3 environment (Universidad de Concepcion), but it can also be reproduced in folio-snapshot. Import a MARC file, matching on 001, to update the SRS MARC Bib and related instance. The Instance field mapping profile has no edits in it. It's only trying to update the details controlled by the updated MARC record (fixing some diacritics) - no additional mappings. SRS MARC Bib is updated, but the instance is not. Import shows Completed with errors.

      Current workaround Use a different action profile (Update MARC Bib) with a field mapping profile of MARC Bib/Update, with no edits. THAT finally worked

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Import the attached MARC file MusicayNeurocienciaBad.mrc to create SRS MARC and Instance, using the Default - Create Instance and SRS MARC Bib job profile
      3. Create a job profile with
        • Match profile: MARC 001 to MARC 001
        • Action profile: Update instance
        • Field mapping profile: for Instance, with no edits in it
      4. Go to Inventory and find the HRID of the Instance that was just created
      5. Edit the attached MusicayNeurocienciaGood.mrc file to have that HRID in the 001 field
      6. Then Import the MusicayNeurocienciaGood.mrc file using the profile created in step 3
      7. Check the instance and the SRS MARC to see if they both were updated

      Expected Results:

      • Instance and SRS MARC should both be updated
      • If the instance is not updated, the UI log should show "Error" with some sort of error message on the Instance tab

      Actual Results:

      • The SRS MARC Bib is updated, but not the Instance.
      • UI job shows Completed with errors, but no error noted in the log

      Notes from A-M

      • I also tried using an Instance field mapping profile with an updated instance status (Cataloged), but that completed with errors also
      • And I tried a different action profile (Update MARC Bib) with a field mapping profile of MARC Bib/Update, with no edits. THAT finally worked
      • See attached video showing it reproducing in folio-snapshot-load

      Of note – we observe stack trace in log for mod-inventory

      1629806712881,12:05:12 [] [] [] [] WARN  EventProcessorImpl   No suitable handler found for DI_SRS_MARC_BIB_RECORD_MATCHED event type and current profile ACTION_PROFILE
      1629806713490,12:05:13 [] [] [] [] INFO  taImportKafkaHandler Data import event payload has been received with event type: DI_SRS_MARC_BIB_RECORD_MODIFIED_READY_FOR_POST_PROCESSING correlationId: ace2c4a3-c9bb-4816-bb40-90c62f8f6208
      1629806713510,12:05:13 [] [] [] [] ERROR Processor            null
      1629806713510,java.lang.NullPointerException: null
      1629806713510,	at org.folio.processing.mapping.defaultmapper.processor.Processor.handleControlFieldRules(Processor.java:430) ~[ms.jar:?]

      Also attached output from
      GET https://<okapi>/change-manager/jobExecutions/da4f2d65-0d6a-4741-8ae6-4b35e0d46c77 - containing job execution details

      Attaching logs from mod-source-record-storage, mod-source-record-manager, mod-inventory (details) at the time of the import

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