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Get all item's associated entities in one call



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      Currently the GET /inventory/items?query=(barcode==xyz) call results in a mod-inventory-storage call to get the item, but 5 other separate calls to get the item's loan type, location, material type, instance, and holdings which together result in at least an additional 500ms, depending on the load at the time.   Could these calls be added to the get item c all itself or at least be batched up in a separate call to get an item's properties since all the data are in the same schema but in different tables that can easily be joined together (similar to getting RTAC's properties in get_items_and_holdings_view) ?  This get item by barcode call is used in the prominent check-in-check-out workflow and other situations so it is a performance gain and execution time saving if it can be optimized.

      Attached is a Giraffe diagram showing the call to get an item and its associated entities along with the costs and overhead (calling mod-authtoken) for each call. 


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