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Instance's Preceding/Succeeding titles are not always updated when the SRS MARC is updated



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      Most of this was resolved in MODINV-429. Once scenario is still having problems

      Overview: When updating an instance that has preceding or succeeding titles (coming from the MARC 780/785 fields), the preceding/succeeding titles are not always updated, even if the MARC is

      Workarounds: None.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO Snapshot, as user Diku_Admin
      2. Import the attached record Renaissance
      3. Go to Inventory and look up the imported title by HRID
      4. Review the preceding/succeeding information - you should see 2 preceding titles and 0 succeeding titles
      5. Go to Actions/Save instance UUIDs in the search results (center) pane. That will save the 1 UUID for that instance
      6. Go to Data export
      7. Upload the UUID file that you just saved, and use the default export profile to export it
      8. Once the MARC export file is created, download it to your desktop
      9. Open the MARC file with MARCedit and edit it:
        • Delete one of the 780 fields
        • Change the other 780 to a 785, and make some changes to the title in the 785 $t
      10. Recompile the file into a MARC file
      11. Go to Settings/Data import
      12. Create a match profile for matching the MARC 001 to the Instance HRID field
      13. Create a field mapping profile for the instance, adding a status and a statistical code.
      14. Create an action profile to update an instance, and link the above field mapping profile to it
      15. Create a job profile
        • Match on the 001/Instance HRID
        • If match, then update the instance
      16. Go to Data Import
      17. Import the updated MARC record using the job profile you just created
      18. Once the import finishes, go to Inventory and search for the instance by HRID
      19. Check the status and statistical code fields to be sure that the instance was updated
      20. Check the preceding and succeeding fields on the Instance
      21. Click View source, and check the 780 and 785 fields on the MARC record

      Expected result:

      • The instance will have 0 preceding titles and 1 succeeding title. The succeeding title will match the edits you made to the 785 in the updated MARC file
      • View source will show no 780s and one 785 with the edited succeeding title

      Actual result:

      • The instance still shows 2 preceding titles (which no longer exist on the source MARC record)
      • View source shows the correct information

      Other comments:
      It looks like perhaps when data is deleted from a MARC record's 780/785 (preceding/succeeding) fields, the appropriate fields are not updated in the instance. When data is added for a 780/785, that is updating properly.

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