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Instance tags should not be deleted when the instance is updated by an imported MARC record



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      Overview: The ability to assign tags to instance records (as well as holdings and items) was added in Iris. Tags are not controlled by any underlying MARC field, and are not part of the default MARC-to-Instance map. However, when a user updates an Instance via Data Import, if the instance has tags assigned to it, the tags are removed. That should not happen. Tag data should be treated like other instance data not controlled by the underlying source record (Catalog date, status, statistical code, nature of content). And since it it not (yet) mappable in the Data Import field mapping profiles, any existing Tags data on an Instance (or Holdings or Item) should not be changed or removed when the Inventory record is updated via Data Import.

      Current workaround: None

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Import the attached MARC record using the default profile that creates an SRS MARC and Instance
      3. Go to the Instance and click on the tags icon a the top right
      4. Add a couple tags to the record. Once the tags are added, the count next to the tags icon will go from 0 to 2
      5. Save the UUID of the instance, and then export that instance using the standard export map
      6. Create an update job profile
        • Match profile: MARC 001 to Instance HRID
        • Action profile: Update instance
        • Field mapping profile: Add a catalog date and a status
      7. Import the exported MARC record using the Update job profile
      8. Go to Inventory and check to see if any tags are on the instance

      Expected Results: The tags should still be on the instance

      abreaux Add testrails for testing tags on Holdings and Items as well

      Actual Results: The tags are removed

      Note: If this is happening because of the MARC-to-Instance map, then I think it would only affect instances. If this is happening because tags are not accounted for in the field mapping profiles, then it may be affecting holdings and items as well. Ant inventory record (instance, holdings, and/or item) should retain its tags when updated via an import. At some point, we will add mapping for tags into the field mapping profiles, but not yet. (UXPROD-2999)

      Additional Information: See attached video and MARC file

      TestRail: Results


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