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Field mappings: Item - Item status handling logic for Available status - DRAFT



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      Purpose: To refine the logic applied when updating the item status to Available during item record update

      As a staff person working with field mapping profiles
      I want item records whose status is updated to Available via data import to invoke the requests logic
      So that any existing requests can be fulfilled


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Item status list in the Field mapping profile (when incoming record type = MARC and FOLIO record type = Item)
        • When the action is Update item
        • And the incoming mapped item status is Available (which can update statuses of In process, In transit, Missing, On order, Order closed, or Withdrawn)
        • Then the now-Available item record should pass through the "Request" logic to see if any outstanding requests need to be fulfilled
        • A-M checking with Cate and Marc J on how to make that happen

      Need meeting with Cate and Marc (and others?) to figure out the Available scenario; can this be a black box for Data Import? DI changes to available, and all is fine

      Discussed with ecboettcher 14 Oct 2020

      • If import is for shelfready material and status changes from on order to available, will not necessarily have physical items in hand (the receiver might), so better to have it handled by Circ
      • If import is for cleanup (e.g. all item records with In transit status and status update date earlier than 1 month ago, export and re=import to change the status to Available (eventually, use Batch update instead)
      • Emma will check picklist to see if it can cover Available items (or re-scan for them) in addition to Paged

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