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BE: Preceding titles ability to add "unconnected" and "connected" title (create, edit)



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      Purpose: The original implementation of preceding titles assumed that all preceding titles would be found in an institutions' inventory. As it turns out, institutions really need the ability to ALSO specify titles that are not in Inventory. The purpose of this story is to rework the current functionality so it supports this use case. NOTE the functionality described here is based losely on a similar implementation in PO Lines. To test how things work in PO lines, go to Settings > Orders > PO line limits and set limit to 5. Then go to Orders and select an order (not a PO line) with status = pending. Scroll down on the order in view mode and click "Add PO line" button. Then play around with the Title, Publisher and Publication date fields. These are analogous to Title, ISBN and ISSN in our case.


      1. Scenario
        • Given I have clicked the "Add preceding title" button
        • When clicked
        • Then an empty row should be added including these fields:
          • Title * - editable, required
          • Instance HRID - should display uneditable with the text "N/A"
          • ISBN - editable
          • ISSN - editable
      2. Scenario
        • Given I have clicked the "Add preceding title" button
        • When I manually enter a Title instead of selecting from the Instance search and select
        • Then I should be able to specify all the data elements manually and there is no connection to a FOLIO instance
      3. Scenario
        • Given a preceding title has been entered manually
        • When I click the plus icon and select a title from Inventory
        • Then:
          • The popup should close
          • The Title, Instance HRID, ISBN and ISSN fields should auto-populate with the data from the selected instance overwriting any data that may have been manually entered (see UIIN-960 for more details on how this should work (I am assuming that story will have been completed before this one))
          • "Connected" text should display above the Title field as shown in the mockup

      Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OTQ6h5hR7DN-Ujlb2VILcJNITIsbSQvG

      Other comments: This story replace previous filed stories: UIIN-426 Instance Record. Preceding title. Populate data (detailed view) and UIIN-640 Instance Record. Look up Preceding title (edit mode)

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