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D2IR Local Endpoint (Circulation): Create INN-Reach Patron Hold - Create FOLIO Inventory Instance, Holding and Item



    • Volaris Sprint 125, Volaris Sprint 126, Volaris Sprint 127
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    • Volaris
    • Lotus R1 2022



      Create the Inventory > Holdings > Item set to represent the item being requested by the FOLIO patron from another INN-Reach local server and place a request in the FOLIO requests app (mod-circulation) to represent that transaction.


      When a new Patron Hold transaction is created/updated in mod-inn-reach (MODINREACH-85):

      • If this is a new transaction:
        • Create an Instance, Holdings, and Item record in FOLIO Inventory to represent the "virtual" item requested by the patron using the information provided in the request (all inventory records created for INN-Reach transactions should be suppressed from staff and suppressed from discovery):
          • Instance HRID = [system hrid prefix] + transaction.trackingId + @ + transaction.centralCode
          • Instance title = transaction.title
          • Instance contributor = transaction.author
          • Holdings HRID = [system hrid prefix] + transaction.trackingId + @ + transaction.itemAgencyCode
          • Holdings call number = transaction.callNumber
          • Holdings location = determined based on itemAgencyCode and INN-Reach configuration defined in MODINREACH-12, MODINREACH-65, and UIINREACH-10
          • Item HRID = system hrid prefix] + transaction.trackingId + @ + transaction.itemAgencyCode
          • Item Material Type = based on transaction.centralItemType and mapping defined in MODINREACH-62, MODINREACH-62, and UIINREACH-27
          • Item Loan Type = Loan type specified in central server configuration for transaction.centralCode
          • Item Status = "Available"
      • If this is an updated transaction
        • Create a new Holdings record using same criteria as for a new transaction
        • Create a new item record under the Holdings using same criteria as for a new transaction
      • Add/update folioItemId in transaction record
      • If this is a new transaction:
        • Create a new page request for the the local patron on newly-created item referenced in folioItemId on the transaction (fulfilmentPreference = "Hold Shelf") 
          • We need to parse the pickupLocation from the INN-Reach Create Patron Hold request and match the <Pickup Loc Code> to a FOLIO pickup location service point for pickupServicePointId.
      • If this is an updated transaction with an existing request
        • Move the page request to the newly-created item record referenced in folioItemId on transaction
      • Add/update FOLIO request Id to/on transaction record

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