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D2IR Local Endpoint (Circulation): Create INN-Reach Local Hold - Create Transaction



    • Volaris Sprint 129
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    • Volaris
    • Lotus R1 2022



      Originates a patron hold at the borrowing site, including creation of local instance, holdings, and item record to represent the requested item.  Originates a Patron Hold request transaction on behalf of a local FOLIO patron for a local FOLIO item


      Local Endpoint: 

      [PUT] /innreach/v2/circ/localhold/<trackingId>/<centralCode>
      • Accepts the following URL parameters
        • trackingId: a unique ID used for transaction tracking
        • centralCode: Unique code that identifies the central server (3-5 character lower-case alphanumeric, must be the central code of the requesting central server)
      • Accepts the following as a JSON request body:
        • transactionTime: integer Epoch UNIX timestamp
        • pickupLocation: A colon-delimited list of three or four 512-byte (maximum) strings, the fourth of which is optional (<Pickup Loc Code>:<Display Name>:<Print Name>:<Delivery Stop>)
        • patronId: lower-case alphanumeric string, maximum 32 characters (User UUID with hyphens stripped out or other system-supplied unique identifier from non-FOLIO systems)
        • patronAgencyCode: 5 character lowercase alphanumeric string
        • itemAgencyCode: 5 character lowercase alphanumeric string
        • itemId: lowercase alphanumeric string (max 32 characters: item HRID or UUID, depending on record contribution implementation)
        • centralItemType: integer (0-255)
        • title: string (256 bytes maximum, sent if item has a title)
        • author: string (256 bytes maximum, sent if item has an author)
        • callNumber: string (256 bytes maximum, sent if item has a call number)
        • needBefore: integer Epoch UNIX timestamp (only optional field)
      • Check to see if an existing transaction exists for the specified trackingId + centralCode combination
        • If there is no existing transaction
          • Create a local transaction record for this request (MODINREACH-8) of transaction type "Local" with the supplied information
        • If there is an existing transaction record
          • Update transaction data based on new request parameters
      • Transaction State should be "LOCAL_HOLD"
      • Return 200 if request received successfully and transaction record is created before performing further processing of the transaction

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