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Prepare institutional user for the EDGE module to provide access to application gateway



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      The purpose of the EDGE module is to be some kind of "client" which provides access to some scope of exposed interfaces of FOLIO system for external and 3rd-party clients. Duo to this fact there is no access for EDGE module to application gateway by default. To provide this EDGE module needs to login to FOLIO authentication module with user some kind of institutional user (possibly with using tenant, which also related to external client). All these data (user and tenant) should be already exists or prepared in FOLIO. There are several way to do so. The purpose of this task is to provide preparing of such institutional user under one of known tenant, like "diku", for example. All entry data for preparing of institutional user is located in module's application properties, like "application.syste-user.username". The user could be created during as named "post tenant" operation in Tenant API implementation controller. user permissions located in appropriate resource file, for example syste-user-permissions.csv. As a result there is expected FOLIO user created (if it had not been already created before, if other case - existing will be reused by the EDGE module) with all required permissions assigned. It's desired to make this functionality configurable, i.e. allow to disable user creation by setting application property, for example - "application.institutional-user.create" which can have true/false value. 

      Institutional user can be also provided (created and configured together with particular tenant, not widely used now "diku" if any) by system operations (possibly by creating appropriate task). There is no known flow how were prepared/provided other already known users like "diku_admin" and what prerequisites was needed for this. In case if there will be need to use only prepared institutional user functionality of creating ones can be disabled as mentioned above.



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