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Record Contribution: Process contribution of Bibs to an INN-Reach central Server



    • Volaris Sprint 122
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      Implement processing of instance records for Initial Contribution according to module settings for record contribution and either excluding or contributing those instances as properly structured MARC bibs via defined D2IR API endpoints.


      • Contribute Instance records as INN-Reach Bibs to a central server based on existing settings configuration for record contribution (MODINREACH-42, MODINREACH-49)
      • Indicated records are evaluated for exclusion from contribution, suppression from central discovery, or contribution as system-owned (MODINREACH-42)
        • If more than one relevant statistical code is defined on the instance record, this is an error and the record should be skipped and the error logged.
        • If the inventory record and (at least) one associated item are not excluded from contribution (by item location or instance/item statistical code) and has an associated MARC record in SRS, that record is retrieved and transformed according to settings for the central server targeted by the job configuration (MODINREACH-48). (Out of scope: handling of instance records without associated MARC records)
        • Transformed MARC record is encoded according to central server provided Base64 encoding table (/innreach/v2/base64encoding, INN-Reach D2IR API Reference v2.3.pdf, pg. 32)
        • Encoded MARC record is included in JSON bib contribution payload (INN-Reach D2IR API Reference v2.3.pdf, pg. 29-30)
          • bibId: FOLIO Instance HRID
          • marc21BibFormat: "ISO2709"
          • titleHoldCount: 0 (title level holds not currently supported in FOLIO)
          • itemCount: Integer (max 99, count of items associated with the FOLIO instance record that are contributed, initial value should be 0)
          • marc21BibData: encoded MARC data
          • suppress: string, ASCII 1-character, options:
            • n (no, default)
              • Record is not excluded from contribution by criteria defined in MODINREACH-42
            • y (yes)
              • Record has a statistical code specified in criteria defined in MODINREACH-42 that indicates it should be contributed but suppressed from central discovery
            • g (display as owned by system, not by site)
              • Record has a statistical code specified in criteria defined in MODINREACH-42 that indicates it should be contributed as consortia-owned
        • Errors are logged with sufficient detail to indicate which FOLIO record was being processed when the error occurred and at what stage in the process, but errors do not terminate the job
      • The status of a job should be reportable via API call

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • AC: A detailed log of FOLIO instance records processed, held back from contribution or that experienced an error during processing or contribution should be generated for each job
      • AC: Log is retrievable by anyone with permission to manage jobs
      • AC: All valid FOLIO instances with associated MARC records in SRS that are not excluded from contribution by module settings are properly transformed and successfully contributed to the central server
      • AC: Errors returned by the central server when attempting to contribute a Bib are logged in the job log

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