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INN-Reach Circulation Flow Action: Receive Un-shipped/Unannounced Item



    • Volaris Sprint 130, Volaris Sprint 131
    • 8
    • Volaris
    • Lotus R1 2022



      Provide an API endpoint to process receiving actions for unshipped (No ITEM_SHIPPED message received) items associated with an INN-Reach transaction by transaction ID.


      • Requires service point ID, transaction ID, and item barcode
      • Requires permission to modify transactions
      • Transaction must be in INN-Reach transaction status: PATRON_HOLD or TRANSFER
      • Item associated with the transaction must not have a barcode assigned
      • Sets the barcode on the FOLIO item record to the supplied barcode
        • appends item agency code if entered barcode already present on another FOLIO item
      • Stores the folioItemBarcode in the transaction record
      • Stores the shippedItemBarcode in the transaction record (barcode supplied by the user)
      • Response indicates if barcode is a duplicate of an existing FOLIO item barcode
      • Item should be checked into FOLIO using available mod-circulation APIs once the item barcode is set using the folioItemBarcode
      • The FOLIO check-in record should be included in the response to the client
      • When the item is successfully checked in, update the transaction state to RECEIVE_UNANNOUNCED
      • When the transaction state is updated POST appropriate payload to the central server (See D2IR API Reference Documentation)
        POST /innreach/v2/circ/receiveunshipped/<trackingId>/<centralCode>

      Acceptance Criteria

      • When user posts a valid service point ID, transaction ID, and item barcode the FOLIO item associated with the transaction has its barcode set
      • The item is successfully checked in to FOLIO
      • folioItemBarcode is stored in the transaction as the value saved to the item record
      • shippedItemBarcode is stored in the transaction record as the barcode supplied to the endpoint by the user
      • When the item is successfully checked into FOLIO the transaction status is updated to RECEIVE_UNANNOUNCED
      • When the transaction status is successfully updated a message is posted to the central server's "receive unshipped" endpoint
      • Invalid requests provide meaningful error messages that explain the cause of the error (eg. transaction in wrong state, invalid service point, check-in failed, etc.)
      • Response to client includes the FOLIO check-in response when available
      • Response to the client indicates whether the item barcode was modified for uniqueness (item agency code appended)

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