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Mapping Remaining fields for default mapping



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      Below fields need to be mapped after schema refactoring

      1. calculate the quantity field in location of compositePoline
      2. handle the created_by field - Remove the existing logic as it will be handled by RMB' metadata
      3. activation_due, expected_activation_date and user_limit add default values - Need to get the default values
        Per Ann-Marie: We don’t seem to have agreement on what is required.Let’s get Dennis to confirm required/not required, and then we’ll figure out some default values for the required ones, and leave the non-required ones blank.
      4. verify po_line_receipt status and po_line_payment_status values used in mapping files
      5. expected_receipt_date calculation - Need details and implement: After discussion it has been decided that new fields are required in mod-vendors
      6. source_id add datasource- which field to be mapped to on acq schemas?
      7. Add vendor-ref_no_type field in all the order types with "Supplier’s unique order line reference number" which is the enum value
      8. <location> field on the serials order xmls is marked as required but not all order types send location- which field to be mapped on acq-models? Find out the default value and add it to the mappings
        Per Ann-Marie:probably will not get many serial orders. The GOBI order should be passing a location, but it’s not. For now. We’ll just have to default it.
      9. Add the PO level workflow status in all the order type mappings with default value open
      10. Remove any mappings to po_line_workflow_status as that field has been removed.
      11. set the manual_po field to default NO in all default mappings
      12. owner set default value - Need default value(default or via base acct or via subaccount?) [DB] No default value is required as it is not a mandatory field
      13. create_inventory set default value: _confirm the default value y or n? _[DB] Default must be set to N
      14. claim_grace set default filed How does it need to be calculated(Default from vendor record)?

      Note: It may make sense to split this story into subtasks - for example, one task to handle the part that's blocked bu UIV-61 and another task to handle the unblocked part(s).

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Update the default mappings
      • Update Unit tests
      • Update API tests (or at least verify they aren't broken by these changes)

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