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Add configuration to allow libraries to specify if a GOBI order should come through as pending or open



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      Description: Now that more libraries are coming live on the FOLIO-GOBI orders integration, we are receiving feedback that there are some data points on the order/POL that are not filled in via the integration and must be manually added by the library. For those fields that are locked for editing when the order is open, this presents the additional step of unopening the order, editing, then re-opening, which can be cumbersome, especially for libraries doing a high volume of GOBI orders.

      This story proposes allowing for a configuration option, either in order settings or in the GOBI mapping profile, that would allow a library to opt for orders created via the integration to come through in Pending status, as opposed to open.

      That way, the manual edits could be undertaken then the order opened, without first having to unopen the order.

      Acceptance criteria:

      GOBI mapping file allows for configuration of order workflow status default

      When set to Pending orders are created in FOLIO but not opened

      Interested parties: ghutton

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