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Adjust GOBI mapping for subaccount to perform lookup



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      Current situation or problem: The GOBI integration currently passes through the subaccount value as a text string, rather than performing a lookup against the GOBI organization record.

      As such, the value is not validating against the established subaccounts and displays only in view mode, not in edit mode. The order must be un-opened to update the subaccount if desired. If the order is unopened and edited in any other way, there is the danger of eliminating the subaccount since it's not a part of the dropdown list being sourced from the organization record.

      In scope

      • Implement a lookup between the incoming GOBI numeric string and the subaccount numbers on the organization record.
      • If lookup not successful add account number as a string
      • If Organization has no account number then use the number that is sent by GOBI as account number

      Note GOBI will send number with NO hyphen before the last two digits. Ie. when account number is 9999-10 GOBI will send as 999910.

      In GOBI xml you will see:

      Note: each default mapping configuration should be updated to include the translation for Vendor_account

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