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Group financials do not calculate allocated increases to migrated funds & budgets



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    • FYI - we are on Juniper with Hotfix #3 applied.

    • ACQ Sprint 134, ACQ Sprint 135
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    • Lotus (R1 2022) Bug Fix
    • Workaround is to delete all expense classes associated with budget, then delete the budget. When starting from scratch, the group funding does correctly reflect increases and decreases to allocations.
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      Determine the root cause of this issue so we can confirm whether it is directly related to the data that was migrated or whether it is affecting multiple versions of FOLIO.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      (Note this was reproduced in bugfest-kiwi in the following Group by increasing allocation of this budget if you add 1000 dollars here you will see the total funding at the group level does not change.

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment that has migrated funds
      2. Find a fund/budget that is part of a group and needs an increase
      3. Click actions/allocate
      4. Put in an increase to the budget
      5. Save and close

      Expected Results:

      1. Budget should increase equal to the allocated amount
      2. Group financial summary should show proper increase of allocation and total funding.

      Actual Results:**

      1. Budget does correctly reflect the allocation increase.
      2. Financial Summary for the Group does not show the increase in allocation (it does reflect any decrease) and therefore the total funding is not correct.

      Additional Information:
      Interested parties:  TAMU, any libraries that peform a fiscal year rollover with funds

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