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Rollover errors when at least 1 order has encumbrance with initialAllocation = 0



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      Overview: Libraries create order with a price of 0 when they do not intend to encumber money for that order. These libraries may still add a fund code so the information is available when the invoices arrive and it is easy to see how they should be paid. When rolling over the fiscal year this causes the system to choke and not create budgets or encumbrances 

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment as User X
      2. Create PO
      3. Create POL with price = 0 and one fund distribution
      4. Create second PO
      5. Create POL with price > 0 and one fund distribution
      6. Start Rollover for the ledger that your chosen fund is assigned to
      7. settings should be to rollover all allocations
      8. Settings should be to rollover all order encumbrances based on "Remaining"
      9. Click rollover
      10. Click Confirm

      Expected Results: Rollover is completed successfully and budgets are created as desired and encumbrances are created as desired

      Actual Results: Ledger progress bar is green but only 2/3 full. Viewing funds reveals that none of your budgets were created for the coming year. No error indication of any kind is shown in UI

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