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Allow user to delete a budget that has allocation type transactions shared between two budgets



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      Purpose/Overview: Occasionally user make a mistake and allocate a budget with the incorrect amount. Currently these budgets can not be removed and fixing them makes the accounting more difficult. Also makes Initial allocation value unusable.

      To allow users to correct this we need to relax the delete budget restriction such that a budget with only Allocation type transactions against it can be deleted

      Use case:

      1. User allocates $1000 to budget and then another $2000. User wants to delete the budget, create the budget again and allocate $3000 all at once so it appears as the initial allocation.
      2. User mistakenly creates an allocation that involves two budgets during setup and wants to erase that from the log.


      1. Budget can be deleted if it has an allocation transaction that involves 2 budgets
      2. IF the allocation transaction involved another budget, the transaction is reversed and the budget values are recalculated. In other words, the amount is removed or added back to the remaining budget
        • AND this respects the logic governing whether a budget has enough money to create a transaction.


      Acceptance criteria:

      • Budget can be deleted if it has an allocation transaction that involves 2 budgets
      • Allocations between the deleted budget and any other budgets are reversed and those budget totals are updated correctly
      • 80% test coverage

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