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Awaiting payment value in encumbrance not updated correctly



    • ACQ Sprint 101
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    • Q3 2020 Bug Fix


      Overview: When trying to approve invoice, if user adds the same Fund with a different expense class than the one used on the POL. The encumbrance value for awaiting payment is not updated correctly.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-testing environment as admin
      2. Create order an order line with cost greater than $1
      3. Add one fund distribution for AFRICAHIST with expense class Electronic
      4. Open order
      5. Select invoice app
      6. Create invoice
      7. Add invoice line based on the POL you just created
      8. Edit invoice line and add an additional Fund distribution for 50% of cost for AFRICAHIST with different expense class
      9. Save invoice line changes
      10. Click approve invoice
      11. Click pay invoice

      Expected Results: Invoice is approved, encumbrance is updated. Awaiting payment value is 0

      Actual Results: Invoice is approved. Awaiting payment value is negative and half of the initial encumbrance is "Expended". The encumbrance has been released.

      Additional Information: see video

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