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Encumbrance limit not calculating correctly when expense classes are added



    • ACQ Sprint 130
    • 3
    • Thunderjet
    • R3 2021 Bug Fix
    • Increase the allowable encumbrance limit until your expense class can be added. Then lower it again.
    • Cornell, MI State University/Library of Michigan
    • Incomplete/missing requirements


      Overview: Encumbrance limit not calculating correctly when expense classes are involved. Orders can be opened when the budget clearly doesn't have enough money and Expense classes cannot be added to the budget when the encumbrance limit has been reached (But the calculation is not correct)

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment as User X
      2. Click finance app
      3. create a budget with $1000 allocated
      4. Transfer $900 into this budget from a different budget
      5. Create an order with fund distribution for $1000 with Fund distribution 100% to this Fund and open it
      6. NOW $1000 is now encumbered against budget
      7. Create invoice for this order and approve and pay it
      8. NOW $1000 expended against budget
      9. Create new order for $1 for the same fund and open it
      10. NOW $1 is encumbered against budget and $1000 expended
      11. Add expense class to budget

      Expected Results: Expense class is added to budget successfully
      Actual Results: Error thrown. Expense class not added

      Part two: Split out to separate story MODFIN-225

      1. Create third order for $1000 for that Fund and expense class
      2. Open order

      Expected Results: Order can not be opened because the encumbrance limit (100%) for the budget has been reached.

      Actual Results: Order is opened. Budget has $2001 unavailable but total funding is only $2000

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