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Not receiving manual fee/fine notices



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      Tried demo-ing fee/fine notices on bugfest environment for RA SIG on 5/21 and notices for both charges and actions were not received.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Setup new fee/fine owner (RA SIG test)
      2. Setup new manual fee/fine charges for owner
        • Added specific notice for locker rental fee charge (Fee/fine manual charge - locker rental fee)
        • Added specific notice for locker rental fee action (Fee/fine manual action - locker rental fee)
        • Added default charge notice (Holly Default Charge Notice)
        • Added default action notice (Holly Default Action Notice)
      3. Created a new locker rental fee for user (Darcy Barker/dad284@cornell.edu)
        • Checked Notify patron
        • Clicked Charge only button (top right)
      4. Waived the new locker rental fee for same fee/user
        • Checked Notify patron
        • Clicked Waive button (bottom right on modal)

      Expected Results:

      • New fee charged and notice sent and received
      • Waive action logged and notice sent and received

      Actual Results:

      • New fee charged; however, notice was not received
      • Waive action logged; however, notice was not received

      Additional Information:

      • URL: bugfest.folio.ebsco.com
      • I also tried other users: Darcy Branchini and Martini Buch, but it didn't work for any users; and I tried closing existing fees and loans and then tried again, but that didn't work either.
      • Holly and I decided to trade users.
        • She tested Darcy Branchini and Darcy Barker with her email address and she received both charge and action notices for both users.
        • I tested Minnie Mouse and Misty Commander with my email address and I didn't receive any notices.
      • I checked Junk, Spam and Clutter folders.
      • Has anyone checked the bounced email report from the email service (i.e., MailGun, SES, Sendgrid) we're using? I thought we were using Amazon SES, right? They should all have a bounced email report.

      Interested parties:
      oleksandrkurash OleksandrVidinieiev

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