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Actual cost notices: Charge notices triggered anew, when fine partially paid, then lost item checked in.



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      Given I have a lost item, for which I have billed actual cost + Lost item fee(s), charged notices have been sent + I have partially paid the fine,
      When I check the item back in,
      Then, in addition to receiving Lost item returned – fee(s) adjusted notices, I also receive the Lost item fee(s), charged notices again.{}

      Steps to Reproduce:

      0. Detailed steps to reproduce can be found attached to the ticket. Here I will give an overview of the main steps:

      1. Login to Snapshot >> Set up the necessary to loan an item, with a lost item policy with actual cost + lost item notices get sent (charge and adjustment)
      2. Check out the item
      3. Declare the item lost
      4. Bill the actual cost (e.g. 100.00)
      5. You will receive the charge notices
      6. Partially pay the actual cost (e.g. 50.00)
      7. Check the item back in

      Expected Results: I receive 2 Lost item returned – fee(s) adjusted notices: 1 for cancelling the 50.00 payment, one for cancelling the 100.00 charge.

      Actual Results: In addition, I receive a copy of the Lost item fee(s), charged notices again.

      Additional Information:

      • This only happens with actual cost, not with set cost.
      • This happens regardless of whether the item was declared lost, or was aged to lost. I chose to declare lost in this ticket, because it is fastest way to reproduce.
      • This happens only when I partially pay. I have not been able to reproduce with any other kind of fee/fine action.
      • Even though I didn't reproduce here to reduce the number of steps, this happens with the Lost item fee (actual cost) AND with the processing fee.
      • I have not listed above all the possible ways to reproduce this issue. I currently assume that, if it is fixed for this scenario, it is fixed for the other scenarios too. Before closing this ticket, I will test all scenarios.
      • P2 because this could be very confusing for patrons, and generate extra explanation work for patron-facing staff, even though this may not happen very often.

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