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Refund of lost item processing fees transferred to more than one account refunded to only one account



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      This fix isn't really needed until R2 2021, which is why Holly didn't set the Release to Q3 2020 Bug Fix. No one is using transfers right now.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/ as folio/folio
      2. Checkout an item to a patron that has a Lost item fee policy that will result in a Set cost Lost item fee of 100.00 being charged if the item is declared lost (make sure that the last setting in the Lost item fee policy is set to nothing or something high like 6 months so that a refund will be given)
      3. Declare the item lost, resulting in the 100.00 Lost item fee being billed to the patron
      4. Perform the following actions on the Lost item fee to bring the balance to 0.00...
        • Pay 25.00 with cash
        • Transfer 25.00 to the patron's 'Bursar' account
        • Pay 25.00 with credit card
        • Transfer 25.00 to a different account (State income tax, Collections), for this test we used 'University'
      5. Check-in the book

      Expected Results:

      • The patron should be refunded a total of 50.00
      • The patron's 'Bursar' account should be refunded 25.00
      • The patron's 'University' account should be refunded 25.00

      Actual Results:

      • The patron was refunded a total of 50.00 (correct)
      • The patron's 'University' account should be refunded 50.00 (incorrect)

      (See attached screen print refund.jpg for details)

      Additional Information:
      Holly did not test for two transfer accounts because this is an usual situation. We allow it to happen, so we should be prepared. In the future, we will use the 'Transfer' action for collections processes whereby the collections agency buys the debt, so this has to be working for that. If you want to change this from a 'Bug' to a 'User story' that's fine. It is really a PO bug rather than a dev bug.

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