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Remaining fixes and improvements for FOLIO orders to EDIFACT format mapping



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      Fix/improve mapping of FOLIO orders to EDIFACT format (MODEXPW-41, MODEXPW-65) according to the latest information available https://wiki.folio.org/display/ACQ/Sample+EDIFACT+Orders


      1. date ordered can be null however related EDIFACT field is required
      2. get vendor edi and type, library edi and type from config
      3. create logic to distinguish original orders from resent orders to set related qualifier
      4. get system default currency
      5. generate file ID
      6. show warning if PO line RFF fields were cut off due to reaching the limit of 10
      7. improve product ID (lookup product ID type, set related fields and qualifiers based on that type)
      8. lookup expense class codes
      9. lookup location codes
      10. remove as many fields as possible from one of the test PO JSON files to cover all the cases where PO fields are nulls

      Additional information:

      1. From the wiki page: These samples may not have every field that FOLIO may want to support. Should review/confirm with the SMEs, for one-time/ongoing and physical/E/mixed

      2. Not quire clear whether we should also support EDIFACT orders for ongoing. From the wiki page: The response from the group so far has been that no one uses EDIFACT for ongoing. Though it is possible in theory to do so, this would make it very difficult to get examples of how it should be done. GBV has said that as long as the note to Vendor is included in the EDI details there is no need to exclude them.

      3. From the wiki page: This example does not account for POLs with multiple locations/funds, but that is supported by the EDIFACT format. Will need to find an example

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