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Bursar transfer form cannot specify days outstanding



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      The original requirement for bursar fees/fines transfers in https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-2862 and confirmed in other tickets like MODBUREXP-1) was for the job to pick up any active fees/fines that have been outstanding for more than X (in Cornell's case, 9) days.

      What was delivered somehow changed to picking up all fees/fines since the last X days. The difference is important because Cornell only wants to transfer fees/fines that are 9 days old or older to the Bursar. So the only current workaround is to do manual changes to the files, and having to remember to save off new charges to send after they age 9 days, all manually.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into an Iris FOLIO environment as user with admin permissions.
      2. Go to Settings > Users > Transfer criteria
      3. There is a "Max. days outstanding" field, which picks up all fees/fines within the specified days, but there's no "Fees/Fines older than (days)" field as per the original specs.
      4. Click "Run manually" after specifying the patron group to generate the file. 

      Expected Results:

      All fees/fines older than the number of days specified should be in the file. 

      Actual Results:

      All fees/fines from the present day back to the number of days specified are in the file. 

      Proposed fix:

      Add the field originally specified, labeled "Fees/Fines older than (days)" or something equivalent, to only include fees/fines older than the days specified. So in Cornell's case, with a standard of 9 days, we could enter 8 and only include fees/fines older than 8 days.

      This new field could be a toggle of the other, or maybe the UI could have optional date range fields to capture the needs of various libraries.

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