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User is able to modify Holdings with MARC source via Bulk Edit app



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      User is able to change Holding's Permanent location for Holdings with MARC source using "Bulk edit" app

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Go to "Inventory" app => Select "Holdings" tab on the "Search & filter" pane => Search for any inventory instance with holdings by selecting "MARC" option from "Source" filter option
      2. Click on the "Actions" menu and select "Save Holdings UUIDs"
      3. Navigate to the "Bulk edit" app => Select the "Inventory-holdings" radio button on the "Record types" accordion => Select "Holdings UUIDs" option from the "Record identifier" dropdown
      4. Upload a .csv file with "Holdings UUIDs" (Step 2) by dragging it on the "Drag & drop" area
      5. Click "Actions" menu => Select the "Start bulk edit" element
      6. Click "Select Option" dropdown => Select "PERMANENT HOLDINGS LOCATION" option
      7. Select any location to modify the record
      8. Click the "Confirm changes" button => Click the "Commit changes" button

      Expected Results:

      The "Errors" accordion is expanded and contains dentifier of the affected record and the reason for the error. The error reason is: Holdings records that have source "MARC" cannot be changed.

      Actual Results:
      The Holdings in MARC are changed successfully
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