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"A job execution for this job is already running" error bulk uploading user barcodes on multiple parallel large bulk edit jobs



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      Log into https://ptf-rmb.int.aws.folio.org/ as a User with  "Bulk Edit: In app – View", and "Bulk Edit: In app – Edit" permissions. 
      *5 Users upload a .csv file with a large amount (5.000 or 10.000) "user barcodes" and start Bulk editing. + 5 users upload files with a large amount (5.000 or 10.000) "item barcodes" and start Bulk editing - 10 jobs total
      **Bulk edit failed.
      {}{}{}{}{}{}BE side reports the issue: *ERROR BulkEditController A job execution for this job is already running
      The issue reproduced from time to time with large data set of 5 parallel jobs

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Navigate for 10 users to the Bulk edit app => Select Users App => Select " User barcode" from "Records identifier" dropdown
      2. Upload 5 .csv files with "User barcodes" like 10k-user-barcodes1.csv and 5 .csv files with "Item barcodes" by dragging it on the Drag & drop area for 10 Bulk edits simultaneously.
      3. Wait for the user's barcodes to be uploaded

      Expected Results:

      1. The user's barcodes are uploaded

      Actual Results:

      The Bulk edit is failed

      The user's barcodes could be not uploaded
      Additional Information:
      URL: https://ptf-rmb.int.aws.folio.org/ 

      The "Export manager" shows the job with the status "Successful" or "FAILED"
      A job execution for this job is already running.csv:
      09:31:06 [514666/bulk-edit] [fs09000000] [9eb67301-6f6e-468f-9b1a-6134dc39a684] [mod-data-export-worker] ERROR BulkEditController   A job execution for this job is already running: JobExecution: id=2166, version=1, startTime=2022-10-04 09:31:00.746, endTime=null, lastUpdated=2022-10-04 09:31:00.746, status=STARTED, exitStatus=exitCode=UNKNOWN;exitDescription=, job=[JobInstance: id=2166, version=0, Job=[BULK_EDIT_IDENTIFIERS-USER]], jobParameters=[

      {jobId=97ff5516-fa02-4fd9-94dc-51ea94307794, fileName=mod-data-export-worker/bulk_edit/10k-user-barcodes1.csv, exportType=BULK_EDIT_IDENTIFIERS, entityType=USER, tempOutputFilePath=mod-data-export-worker/bulk_edit/2022-10-04-Matched-Records-10k-user-barcodes1, identifierType=BARCODE, totalCsvLines=10000}


      Only for BULK_EDIT_IDENTIFIERS, and when running multiple jobs, from time to time it happens that it tries to start the job that already running. 

      Some of the jobs still can be completed Successfully or FAILED jobs could be a different not related issue as well:

      FAILED jobs have 
      The "Export manager" Error details
      "Index 798 out of bounds for length 13 (java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.csv)" or "null (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException)"

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