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Improve performance of retrieving orders for EDIFACT export



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      During retrieving orders a significant number of REST requests are made to filter order/order lines by specified criterias. Need to reduce number of these queries, because for now if we want to export 1000 orders - 1000 calls to mod-orders we need to make


      Current behaviour

      Currently filtering of orders implemented into 2 steps

      • Retrieve orders that are open, not manual with automatic export for po line enabled and vendor matched
      • Iterate over each order and make call to get po line info and filter po line with null lastEdiExportDate, the same default acquisition method and account number that in edifact config


      Improvements to be done

      Investigate what is possible and working solution for our case for step #2 from current behaviour and implement it:

      • Filter by all necessary po lines fields on the first step and completely remove the second one
      • If the previous approach is not working - adjust the query to retrieve a batch of orders by corresponding ids. CQL language supports requests like this: id == (id1 or id2 or id3)

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