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Status of export job of "Package" record (with almost 10k "Titles") hang with "In progress" value



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      Overview: Status of export job of "Package" with all "Titles" (number of "Titles" between 9k and 10k) hang with "In progress" value.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Snapshot FOLIO environment as User with the following permissions:
        "eHoldings: Can view providers, packages, titles detail records",
        "Agreements: Search & view agreements",
        "Find Agreement Plugin: Search agreements",
        "Notes: Can assign and unassign a note",
        "Notes: Can create a note"
        "Notes: Can view a note",
        "Export manager: All" 
      2. Navigate to "eHoldings" app >> Select "Package" tab.
      3. Fill in the input field with the query: "Cambridge Books Online (Science, Technology and Medicine)" >> Click on the "Search" button.
      4. Select "Package" record "Cambridge Books Online (Science, Technology and Medicine)" with 9631 titles.
      5. Click on the "Actions" button >> Click on the "Export package (CSV)" button.
      6. Navigate to "Export manager" and wait until export will over.

      Expected Results: Export of "Package" record finishes with "Successful" status.
      Actual Results: The export job ends, but status doesn't change. The error "data exception: string data, right truncation (HsqlException)" displayed at error details.
      Additional Information: See attached screencast.
      "Job ID" link became enabled but displayed status still "In progress". All following export jobs displayed with "Scheduled" status.
      Interested parties: kgambrell 

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