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Date/Time Zone conversion issue



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      Some discrepancies can be observed related to dates in the circulation data export workflow. This can be reproduced on Juniper and Kiwi. 
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some Bug-Fest Juniper environment as Folio
      2. For Bugfest Juniper Beatrix library service point circulation logs, click Circulation log - FOLIO (ebsco.com)
      3. On the left observe the From and To dates
      4. Observe the date column of the main area. The logs should be sorted in ascending order on d_ate_ values.
      5. Open network tab
      6. Click actions button on the top right
      7. Click export results in csv.
      8. Wait for the operation to complete. You will see a green toast message Export job has been completed.
      9. Click and observe on the network tab the API call made with the export Job id. Most probably the latest API call made.
      10. On the response preview tab you can see the file name on the s3 bucket where the data was exported as csv.
      11. You can go to the link in the response OR
      12. You can go to AWS S3 bucket: data-export-folio-eis-us-east-1-prd-sandbox - S3 bucket (amazon.com) and search for the file by name.

      Expected Results:

      1. The logs on the UI and on the exported csv should be between the entered From and To timestamp only.
      2. The logs on the UI should show dates in 12 hour timestamps.
      3. The logs exported to the csv should show log with timestamps in 24 hour format.

      Actual Results:

      1. The logs are not between the desired timestamps on both the UI and the csv. At least, from looking the date values shown.
      2. The logs exported to the csv show in 24 hour timestamps. The PMs get converted to AM. For example, . the date for the first search result in FOLIO displays as "8/30/2021, 7:46 PM," but in the .CSV file it displays as "8/30/2021  7:46:00 AM."
      3. I have attached screenshots and exported logs.

      Additional Information:
      Interested parties:

      Anya N. Arnold sduvvuri

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