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Export time is set as when configuration is saved rather than the time chosen in the UI when schedule period is "Daily"



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    • Nolana (R3 2022) Bug Fix
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      Overview: Export job runs immediately after saving integration method when scheduled time was set 10 min earlier than current time and Schedule period is "Daily"


      1. A user with following permissions is logged in:

      • Export manager: All
      • Organizations: Integration usernames and passwords: view, edit
      • Organizations: View, edit

      2. Organization-vendor exists and has one created integration method with following integration details:

      2.1. "Orders" option in "EDI configuration" accordion is enabled

      2.2. Account number is specified as valid existing value
      2.3. Automate order export for acquisition methods is specified as "Purchase"
      2.4. FTP settings:

      • EDI FTP = FTP
      • FTP mode = ASCII
      • Server address = ftp://ftp.ci.folio.org
      • FTP connection mode = Active
      • Username = folio
      • Password = Ffx29%pu
      • FTP port = 22
      • Order directory = /files

      2.5. "Schedule EDI" option is disabled

      3. A user is in "Organizations" pane with search results for organization-vendor from #2

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Click on organization-vendor from Preconditions #2
      2. Expand "Integration details" accordion and click on integration method from Preconditions
      3. Click Actions->Edit 
      4. Check "Schedule EDI" checkbox in "Scheduling" accordion
      5. Specify following fields with valid values:
      • Schedule period = Daily
      • Schedule frequency = 1
      • Date = current date
      • Time = 10 minutes earlier than current time

            6. Click "Save & close" button

      Expected result:

      Configuration is saved and export job is run next day at the specified start time in Step #5. New export job is run every day from that time

      Actual result:

      Export job is created immediately (Current time). Every day from that time (NOT time specified in Step #5) a new export job is created.

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