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Missing data in download files for reports with YOP



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      For reports with YOP, in some cases data gets only downloaded for one instead of all YOPs, leading to massive data loss in the downloaded files.

      In addition, the YOP and data do not match: the YOP in the downloaded file is the first of all YOPs for a given title, while the counts belong to the last YOP with usage.

      The behaviour was first noticed on the Thor test environment, where eUsage is installed in the Juniper release versions:

      • The error only occurs when using the multiple months download (below the statistics table)
      •  Downloading a single report (from the report info modal) results in correct data.
      •  The eUsage reports plugin, using the API/JSON version, gets correct data as well.

      Reproducing on the current Snapshot system leads to

      • the error for multiple months download 
      • and the same error also for single months download
      • eUsage reports plugin couldn't be tested, as the matching doesn't work on snapshot

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into (a) Thor or  (b) Spanshot system
      2. Upload the attached Annual reviews 01/2021 CSV report to a UDP (or harvest data)
      3. Download the report via the report info modal, save the report.
      4. Download the report via the multiple months download, start 2021-01, end 2021-01, save the report.

      Actual results:

      See attached files/screenshots,.

      Additional infos:

      This is most likely the same problem reported in MODEUR-83.

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