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Package titles not grouped correctly



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      It appears that the titles that are part of a package are not being grouped correctly when they are used as part of a visualization on the Agreement record.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to Settings and ensure that "Developer Info" is turned on.
      2. Go to Index Data Test Package in Agreements.
      3. Select the "Use over time report" and filter to "books."
      4. View the "Tabular View" accordion.

      You will see that some titles from the "BMJ Index Data Test Package" are classed as books. All of the titles in this package are journals. In this particular example, the only book associated with the package is "Beginning SVG."

      I also noticed that many of the titles from the test package are not included in either category.

      Here is a summary of the titles in the package and how each one has been grouped.

      • Annal of the rheumatic diseases — none
      • Archives of disease in childhood — journal (correct)
      • Association medical journal — none
      • BMJ Case Reports — none
      • BMJ (Clinical research ed.) — journal (correct)
      • BMJ global health — none
      • BMJ health and care informatics — book (incorrect)
      • BMJ innovations — journal (correct)
      • BMJ leader — journal (correct)
      • BMJ neurology open — book (incorrect)
      • British medical journal — none
      • British medical journal (clinical research ed.) — book (incorrect)
      • Education & practice — journal (correct)
      • Fetal & neonatal — none
      • London journal of medicine
      • Provincial medical journal and retrospect of the medical sciences — book (incorrect)
      • Provincial medical & surgical journal — book (incorrect)

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