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Cambridge Test Agreement not showing any eUsage report data



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      Annika has been working on a new test – Cambridge Test Agreement: https://thor.ci.folio.org/erm/agreements/e2a3b763-0a2f-4acd-aac5-00441c47142f

      Even though it seems like all the data is in place, we can't get this example to display anything in the reports section. Here are the steps I followed

      1. Go to the Cambridge University Press (CUP) eUsage provider: https://thor.ci.folio.org/eusage/view/d981ad70-171e-47c9-ab0e-3b008fdb6a47?filters=harvestingStatus.active&sort=label
      2. Click update matches (note this ran for over an hour for me due to the volume. I had to leave, so I left it overnight – not sure exactly when it completed.)
      3. Go the Cambridge Test Agreement: https://thor.ci.folio.org/erm/agreements/e2a3b763-0a2f-4acd-aac5-00441c47142f
      4. Click analyze agreement.
      5. Select the use over time report and set the dates to 2021-01 to 2021-12. Select 1 month as the scale interval.
      6. You will see there is no data displaying.

      To verify that data should be present, look at the title Acta Neuropsychiatrica.

      1. In the Cambridge eUsage Provider record, look at the list of matched titles. You will see Acta Neuropsychiatrica on the list with a match.
      2. Download the January 2021 COUNTER report for Cambridge. Search or filter the report to view the entries for Acta Neuropsychiatrica. You will see it has a number of total and unique requests across four YOPs. 
      3. On the agreement record, look at the list of agreement lines. You will see Acta Neuropsychiatrica on the list.

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