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Apply overwritten field protection settings in the Mapping Engine



    • Folijet Sprint 98, Folijet Sprint 99
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    • Q3 2020


      Test scenario 4 of UIDATIMP-631 once this story is complete

      Sample files that A-M used to test are attached

      How to test:

      1. Create some protected field settings
      2. Create a MARC file that has protected fields plus variants on those fields (e.g. if 997$a is protected, include a 997 field with a $a and a separate 997 field with a $b)
      3. Import that file to create instances, using the secret button
      4. Make sure that all fields imported, including the protected ones
      5. Create an Instance field mapping that updates the cat date and status. Do not create a MARC update field mapping profile (which means that no protected fields will be overridden).
      6. Create a match profile for 910$a matching to Instance HRID or UUID
      7. Create a Test field protections job with the Match and then the Update instance action
      8. Edit the MARC file to contain the Instance HRID or UUID in 910$a and change all of the protected and variant fields.
      9. Import the updated file using the newly-created job
      10. Check the Instance and View MARC to confirm the protected fields were not updated and the variant fields were updated
      11. Create a MARC update field mapping profile that overrides some protected fields, plus an update MARC Bib action, and a match profile, matching on Instance HRID or UUID, and compile into a job profile called Test field protection overrides
      12. Edit the MARC file to update the protected fields and the variant fields
      13. Import the file using the new job profile
      14. Go to Inventory and view the Instance and View MARC to see what happened.
      15. Overridden and variant fields should update. Protected fields that are not overridden should not update.

      Sample MARC files and a screenshot of field protections are attached

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