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Bib to Instance matching - 035 to Identifier does not work



    • Folijet Sprint 97, Folijet Sprint 98, Folijet Sprint 99
    • 3
    • Folijet
    • Q3 2020
    • Lehigh, MO State, Simmons


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log in to https://folio-goldenrod.dev.folio.org/
      2. Go to Settings > Data Import
      3. Create a profile that will overlay an Instance based on the 035 field. Six different match profiles are attached below as screenshots. Different scenarios tried: Including indicators in incoming MARC and match profile, with qualifiers, matching numerics only... MARC records that correspond with the match profiles attached here as well.
      4. Go to Data Import - Load the original MARC File (in this case "ezekial.mrc") using the simple "Load Bibliographic Record" function.
      5. Search Inventory for the Identifier. Use the OCLC number located in the 035 field of the incoming file, in this case "831680044", to be sure there is only one instance of that identifier in Inventory
      6. Go back to Settings. Using the Job Profile called "Lehigh Test - Overlay Instance with 035 to Identifier", link the match profile Test1-035 match to that Job Profile. Link the Action and Field mapping profiles named "Lehigh Test - Overlay Instance with 035 to Identifier"
      7. Go to Data import. Import MARC file attached below named Test1_ezekiel.mrc.
      8. Check to see if the Inventory Instance record changed.
      9. Continue to test by exchanging the match profiles and importing the corresponding MARC files

      Expected Results: - The Inventory Record should overlay and reflect the changes in the record. For this example I preceded the title with Test 1, Test 2, etc. to be able to easily see if the overlay worked

      Actual Results: - None of the scenarios tried worked - the record remained untouched.


      • As part of fixing this bug, please also clarify
        • What happens when there are multiple 035s in the incoming MARC record - assuming they all meet the "match from" criteria, does FOLIO try to match on all of them? Just the first one? Just the last one?
        • What happens when there are multiple identifiers in the existing Instance - assuming they all meet the "match to" criteria, does FOLIO try to match on all of them? Will it be considered a hit as long as 1 identifier matches to the incoming 035?
        • What happens when there are multiple 035s in the incoming MARC record and multiple identifiers in the Instance record. Does it try to match all, or is it considered a match as long as one MARC 035 matches one identifier in the Instance?
      • And doublecheck that these sections work as expected
        • Incoming record Qualifier
        • Incoming record Only compare part of the value
        • Match criterion
        • Existing record Qualifier
        • Existing record Only compare part of the value

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          11. Test1.png
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          13. ezekiel.mrc
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