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Field mappings: Reference dropdowns - Holdings, Item - Permanent/Temp location MARC mapping need work



    • Folijet Sprint 91, Folijet Sprint 92
    • 0.5
    • Folijet
    • Q2 2020


      Overview: In Holdings and Item field mapping profiles, MARC mappings for Permanent and Temporary locations need work

      NOTE This needs to be corrected for all location fields in the Holdings and Item field mapping profiles

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data import/Field mapping profiles
      3. Create a new field mapping profile with Incoming record = MARC Bibliographic and FOLIO record type = Holdings
        • For Permanent location, use mapping 980$d
      4. Create an action profile to Create holdings and link the newly-created field mapping profile to it
      5. Create a field mapping profile with Incoming record = MARC Bibliographic and FOLIO record type = Instance; no special mappings at all
      6. Create an action profile to Create instances and link the newly-created field mapping profile to it
      7. Create a job profile
        • No match
        • 1st action: create instance
        • 2nd action: create holdings
      8. Load the attached file
      9. Go to Inventory and find one of the newly-created instances
      10. Check the newly-created holdings record to see if the correct permanent location was assigned based on the MARC 980$d

      Expected Results: The location code in the specified MARC field is assigned as the permanent location in the newly-created holdings record

      Actual Results: It isn't

      Location Code versus Name: When mapping from a MARC record, the location should create/update properly in the holdings or item record, even when only the code is supplied from the MARC record. For example: if the location value in the dropdown list is Garnett General (wpgen). For the mapping, I use 980$d, rather than selecting a default from the dropdown list. When the location data is pulled from the 980$d, it is wpgen. And that should map properly into the holdings or item record as Garnett General (wpgen).

      If it would be possible to also allow for MARC mapping of the name or name plus code from the MARC field, that would be even better. In the above example, that would mean if wpgen, Garnett General, or Garnett General (wpgen) were in the 980$d, they would all result in the assignment of Garnett General (wpgen) as the location. If that's too complicated, then only worry about the code.

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