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Unlinked field looks like linked on UI when update/import "MARC Bib" record when $9 is included in the imported file



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      Unlinked field stays divided into boxes after unlinking triggered via "Data import" update.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1) The job profile should be created for "Data import" app: " ** Update MARC Bib records by matching 999 ff $s subfield value ".
      2) The following link must be created between imported "MARC Authority" (MARC_Auth_Coates, Ta-Nehisi (1).mrc) and "MARC Bibliographic" (MARC_Bib_blackpanther_genre (1).mrc) record, description:
      The "100" MARC field with "$a" value "Coates, Ta-Nehisi," of imported "Instance" record ("TBlack Panther") must be linked to the "100" field of imported "MARC Authority" record ("Coates, Ta-Nehisi").

      1. Log into Snapshot FOLIO environment as User with the following permissions:
        Data import: Can upload files, import, and view logs
        Inventory: All permissions
        quickMARC: View, edit MARC bibliographic record
        UI: Data export module is enabled
      2. Go to "Inventory" app and find "Instance" record which is linked to "MARC Authority" (search query example: "Black Panther")
      3. Check the checkbox that is displayed next to the "Instance" record, which is linked to "MARC Authority" on the search result pane.
      4. Click on the "Actions" button on the second pane and select "Export Instances (MARC)" option.
      5. Go to "Data export" app. >> Download exported ".mrc" file by clicking on appeared job. >> Open downloaded ".mrc" file via "MarcEdit" (or any similar app).
      6. Edit controlled subfield value of linked field. (ex: From "$aCoates, Ta-Nehisi" to "$aCoates, T.")
      7. Delete subfield "$0" of controlled field. (ex of edited field: "100  1\$aCoates, T.$eauthor.$9d9763ce9-3fa3-4a4d-98bd-4c4590259e69"
      8. Save the edited ".mrc" file.
      9. Go to the "Data import" app >> Update linked "MARC Bibliographic" record using created job profile " "Update MARC Bib records by matching 999 ff $s subfield value" job profile" (see precondtition).
      10. Once import is complete, go to "Inventory" app and find updated "Instance" record.
      11. Click on the "Actions" button and select "Edit MARC bibliographic record" option from the expanded menu.
      12. Check the updated field. (ex.: "100")

      Expected Results:
      The "100" field was unlinked from "MARC Authority" record:

      • First box is editable: "100"
      • Second box is editable: "1"
      • Third box is editable: "\"
      • Fourth box is editable: "$a Coates, T. $e author."
      • There is no displayed "$9" subfield in the unlinked "100" field.

      Actual Results: The "100" field is displayed as linked ("$0" isn't displayed, see screenshot):

      • First box is read-only: "100"
      • Second box is read-only: "1"
      • Third box is read-only: "\"
      • Fourth box is read-only and empty
      • Fifth box is editable: "Coates, T."
      • Sixth box is read-only and empty
      • Seventh box is editable and empty.
      • There is no displayed "$9" subfield in the unlinked "100" field.

      Additional Information: see attached screencast.
      Interested parties: kgambrell, Denys Bohdan, psmagin 

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