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"UPC" identifier hasn't been created at "Instance" record created via "Data import" app.



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      Overview: At MG Bugfest environment, user can't update "Instance" record by matching with "Identifier: UPC" value because "UPC" identifier hasn't been created after import of "MARC Bibliographic" record with "024 1\ $a" value.
      The reason could be obsolete mapping rules.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into MG Bugfest FOLIO environment as User with the following permission:
        Data import: Can upload files, import, and view logs
        Inventory: All permissions
        quickMARC: View, edit MARC bibliographic record
      2. Go to "Data import" app.
      3. Import "ID Match Test File - Create.mrc" file using "Default - Create instance and SRS MARC Bib" job profile
      4. Once import is complete, click on the title at appeared row.
      5. Click on the "Created" hyperlink under the "Instance" column of the first record.
      6. Scroll down to "Identifiers" accordion button.

      Expected Results: The value "ORD32671387-4" is displayed as "UPC" identifier.
      Actual Results: The value "ORD32671387-4" is displayed as "Other Standard Identifier" identifier.
      Additional Information: 
      Because of this issue, user can't update "Instance" record (created via import) by matching with "Identifier: UPC" / "Identifier: invalid UPC" value.
      Probably the mapping rules for "MARC Bibliographic" records haven't been updated at MG Bugfest env.
      Check response for "024" field from endpoint https://okapi-bugfest-mg.int.aws.folio.org/mapping-rules/marc-bib and compare it with response from endpoint https://folio-snapshot-okapi.dev.folio.org/mapping-rules/marc-bib.
      See attached screencast.

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