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Scenario 1. Protected fields are being removed from the incoming record on import. (LOTUS HF3)



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      Overview: When importing a record via single record import any fields that are protected by the field protection settings are being removed from the incoming record. In the case of fields that are protected when a subfield is present ($5 ICU or $5 NcD) only the first instance of the corresponding field is being deleted from the incoming record. 
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. For Scenario 1 - protected fields are deleted from the incoming records. regression from Kiwi, per christie
        1. Log into FOLIO Lotus environment with Hotfix 1. 
        2. Go to Settings > Data Import > MARC Field Protection
        3. Click new and add 856 to the list of fields to be protected. Ind1, Ind2, Subfield, Data are all *.
        4. Go to Inventory and locate any record that has an 856 and an OCLC number. 
        5. Edit the MARC bibliographic record in Quickmarc and delete the 856. 
          1. The behavior is the same whether or not you complete this step, but it is easier to see the behavior if there is not already an 856 in the FOLIO record. 
        6. Open the record in OCLC Connection or WorldCat and confirm that there is at least one 856 in the record.
        7. From the instance record use single record import to overlay the record with the record from OCLC. 
        8. Once the import is complete, view the source. The 856 from the OCLC record will not be present in the FOLIO record. 
      2. For Scenario 2, see MODDICORE-275 (being released as MG Bugfix, NOT a Lotus HF, since it is not a regression from Kiwi) -

      Expected Results:  

      • For Scenario 1, I would expect that all fields in the OCLC record will come over on import unless there is a marc modification profile that indicates the fields should be deleted on import. This is not happening in Lotus Hotfix 1.
      • For Scenario 2, I would expect that all of the 580, 780, and 785 fields will come into the record because they are not exact duplicates of the existing fields (which have had a $5 added.) 

      Actual Results: 

      • For Scenario 1, no fields (including the 856) that are protected at the tag level remain in the imported record after overlay. 
      • For Scenario 2, the fields with $5 NCD remain in the record and all but one of the 580, 780, 785 fields from the incoming record are present in the FOLIO record after overlay. 

      Additional Information:  This is appearing in Lotus Hotfix 1 on Chicago's local environment and in Lotus bugfest. It is not happening in FOLIO snapshot. 

      Interested parties: University of Chicago

      NOTE for A-M: Only applicable for Lotus, so cannot be checked on Snapshot; release and check on Lotus BF

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